Singer. Writer. Author. Dreamer. Unicorn-Fairy-Kitten.

Laine Watson is an American independently published author who was born and raised in the Midwest. She loves to write new adult romance and contemporary romance with coming of age themes, featuring interesting young men and innocently quirky, feisty young women.

In her youth she fell in love with author and poetry, and written word.  Enamored with the arts, she realized early own expressing herself through words was her true passion. She attended Edwardsville Center of Performing Arts which helped her to develop her love of music, dancing and acting. She would go on to become a dance instructor, star in small budget plays and perform as a dancer and singer in several music groups.

Laine loves music and expression so much, which is why it is a big part of her writing. She also loves dancing in the rain, flash mob-less dancing and spending time with her family. In her free time, she enjoys roller skating, creating new adaptations to recipes, strumming messily on her guitar, finding rare cat-ear headbands, collecting kawaii pens, karaoke, watching superhero movies, independent movies and anime, reading webtoons and manga, listening  to music and playing merge dragons.  l